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IF3H Inspection Fire Three Housing Only for Go Pro Max Camera (buy that from GoPro). With Lens Covers.


  • Model: IF3H
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The Inspection Fire 3 is taking the chimney inspection world by storm. Using the 360 Degree GoPro MAX as the camera our housing allows the professional to scan chimneys quickly with our ButtonLok Rods. Wireless connection to your phone using the GoPro Kwik app. See sample videos and 360 Degree Photos on the site,


The housing comes stock in black or red. Other colors are available for $25 more, call us for the lead time on those. Also included are low profile lens covers that protect the GoPro lenses. 12" Medusa strands hold the housing off the walls. Longer strands may be inserted as needed.

Picture shows a housing complete with the items below.

USE - NO CAMERA INCLUDED You will need to buy the following from GoPro or another electronics retailer 1. 1 Year GoPro Subscription, $25/yr as of late 2023. Being a subscriber gets you the special pricing shown below. 2. GoPro MAX camera, $499 but on sale for $349 for Christmas 2023 3. 64GB microSD card $8.99 4. Max Dual Battery Charger and Enduro Battery, $55.99 right now. 5. Light Mod - Buy 2 of these. $69.98 each.

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  • Model: IF3H
  • Manufactured by: A.W. Perkins Co.
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