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44144 # Motor Rovac Bottom Plate


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Bottom Plate holds wheels and casters secure to tank. With stiffening angle to make rear axle stronger. Includes 6 screws for mounting along with a spare set of axle caps which typically get damaged during removal.

To remove damaged bottom plate flip the empty tank over and try to work a screwdriver under the rear wheel axle caps to work them off. Unscrew front casters using a 9mm wrench on the hex under the plate. Next remove all of the 6 screws (or however many are present). Install new plate w/stiffener and matching screws, use Loctite to hold them securely. Loctite the front casters and install securely. Tighten the casters occasionally while in use by locking the wheel and using it to tighten the stud if it loosens. A loose caster stud will bend and ruin the wheel so please keep an eye on them.

Finally install the rear wheels on the axle and tap on the axle caps. We use a 7/8" socket placed on the cap to push on the perimeter of the cap without denting the center of the cap. Use a hammer and gently tap it into place on the axle.

For model 1105 and 8505 Rovac vacuums with 2 or 3 motors.

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