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Smoke Chamber Brush w/Lg. buttonlok, stiff black bristle


  • Model: 6735B
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The incredible Porky Brush has been the choice to sweep smoke chambers for decades.  Use with a short ButtonLok™ Rod and one of our drill adapters.  Be sure your Rovac® vacuum is in position to control dust, partially block the opening on large fireplaces, etc. 

The more popular black bristle version is more agressive than the yellow.  The best technique is to start at the top of the smoke chamber and sweep one course with rotation, say, clockwise.  This rotation will pull the brush to the right and therefore you will easily be able to sweep the right half of the smoke chamber by guiding the brush on a 2' rod (our 8752 is ideal).   The multiple layers of bristles will fan out and get the vertical and horizontal corbelled areas.  Then drop down a course and continue to get the right side clean.  Once you have reached the bottom of the smoke chamber stop rotation of the drill, raise the brush up to the top on the left side, reverse rotation to counter-clockwise and starting again with the top course repeat for the entire left side.  For small fireplaces the front and back walls may be swept just by the action to get the corners.  For larger fireplaces with long sides you may have to revisit these long faces.  Use your inspection mirror to check your work.

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  • Model: 6735B
  • Manufactured by: A.W. Perkins Co.
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