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PH4 Wide Mouth Plastic Dryer Vent Hood w/integrated animal guard WHITE


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**Contractors BUY IN BULK AND SAVE - Call at 800-698-7412 or email tmartin@awperkins.com****
Plastic Hood w/Animal Guard, WHITE, Flush Mount flat back
Have you seen the best all plastic hood with included animal guard yet? We think we have it in this new design. Available without animal guard, call us, for applications using a separate external bird guard. Made in the USA.

NEW! Vent Vision PH4 Hood
- Higher Quality w/incl. animal guard:
- Thicker plastic than “big box” brands
- Integrated, removeable pest guard plastic formula is specially compounded to resist animal intrusion.
- Hot pepper resists chewing by rodents
- Attaches with 4 screws, not incl.
- Available w/11” tail piece (search PH411) or flush mount, this model
- Replacement guards available, PH4G or PH4GB white or brown, respectively

5 3/4" square footprint
Holes are 5 1/16" on center
Hood Projects 4 5/8"
Bottom opening roughly 4 1/4" square

8 pieces per ship carton for retailers, call for pricing
892 pieces per pallet if bulk packed, call for best price

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  • Model: PH4
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