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HD Series Chimney Brush, 6"x6" Square


  • Model: H66
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6" x 6" Professional Quality Double Spiral Double Stem brush with easily 50% higher bristle count and much stronger center spindle wire than anything you can buy in retail shops. Verify fit by inserting into flue a few inches and pull back. Then go in 6-8" and do it again. Only if easily "reversed" should you proceed with pushing the brush all the way in to prevent "stuck brush syndrome!".

Large 3/8 Pipe Thread male fitting to fit our 16048/16060/16072 series of .440" fiberglass rods or even heavier 17032 or 17072 super stiff .480" yellow fiberglass rods. Other sizes available up to 16"x16".

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  • Model: H66
  • Manufactured by: A.W. Perkins Co.
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