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5185V Vent Vision 30' Rod and Tool Kit


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Our Starter Vent Vision Kit with our exclusive Green Co-Polymer Rods. Set yourself apart with the easiest to use rod connectors, the proven ButtonLok system sold since 2000 and used by thousands of professionals every day. This special kit has built in savings of over $75 compared to individual item prices.

Our genuine ButtonLok rods contain three patented features that make them the easiest to use and lowest cost over their useful life. This kit includes our EZ Driver drill adapter for bottom up use, likely most jobs are this way. This special button shape pushes the button down for you when connecting or disconnecting the drill. This speeds your work on the way back down when taking rods off. No more fiddling with the button on the drill to get it out of the way. Just yank back on the drill and it releases (see video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71zvCFfrxLY).

This kit contains
- 5163G 6 5/16" Residential Rods x 3' long. More flexible for vents up to 20'
- 3803G 3 3/8" diameter Commercial Rods x 3' long. More robust for covering longer distances. May be alternated with the 5/16" rods to allow some flexibility down the line.
- 2715EZ EZ Driver drill adapter (video of at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71zvCFfrxLY)
- PS1 ProSpin 12" lead with ButtonLok male and female ends - provides flex for any of our brushes or whips
- PS4 ProSpin brush, 4 3/8" s/s bristles for final polishing
- 7703 Vent Vision carry case, ballistic nylon with 2 pockets
- Upgrade to standup 7713 caddy for $25, indicate you wish to do this at checkout in the notes.

OPTION TO ADD THESE TWO TOOLS TO MAKE KIT MORE COMPLETE - Add items by item number and $5 discount will be taken when we charge your card if you also have the 5185V kit in your order.
- 2730VA Missile Whip "Clog Buster" with 3 strands of .120" diameter neon green strands at 12" long which is great as a first pass in very dirty vents in order to get some air flow going for your vacuum or blower technique.
- 2713 Retrieval Coil - great for fishing out nesting materials or lost brushes

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  • Model: 5185V
  • Manufactured by: A.W. Perkins Co.
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Our products come with a 12 month replacement warranty. The warranty covers all non-wearable parts and joints on our Rodtech Click range. It does NOT cover misuse of equipment or when the equipment is used with the tile breakers It does not cover parts that will wear with use, such as head inserts (Co-polymer, Chain and Wire etc) You must read the manual for guidance. In the unlikely event you will ever need to use this warranty, you will be required to return the product to Rodtech or a Rodtech Agent before a replacement part is supplied (subject to being used in accordance with our user manual).