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2730V New NO TOOL Clog Buster Missile Whip w/3 .120" x 12" Green Strands


  • Model: 2730V
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For breaking up nests or blockages of 4" diameter vents or flues (and up to 6") this is a great tool.   No tool needed to change strands out (see instructional video below). The patent pending shape of the hole holds the .120" strands perfectly. Superb for sweeping oil flues as well.  Will not damage lightweight liners of inserts and wood burning stoves.  May be restrung easily for under $2.  Strands are provided at 12" long, you may use longer or shorter strands as appropriate. High visibility green line, 2 extra refills provided free. Will fit through a 1" access hole. Refill item numbers to put in search box are 41401 for 12" long and 41400 for 16" long.    

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  • Model: 2730V
  • Manufactured by: A.W. Perkins Co.
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