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1/2" x 3' (or 5') Slick Co-Polymer Chimney Rod for up to 7" flues

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  • Model: 1230S

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- Video shows use of 3' x 1/2" rods on a Franklin Fireplace starting at the 1:20 mark.

New co-polymer rod offers better resistance to heat and cold while its slippery surface does not tend to rub as hard as other materials reducing friction.  This improves control, reduces battery draw and extends the life of the rods.  Rods are very flexible, able to enter at an angle up to 75 degrees so cleanout doors and thimbles are accessible.  3' is standard rod length and 5' rod is only to be used as a leader when extra length is needed for high thimbles where 3' rod would not enter flue and be convenient to connect next rod out in the room. UPS surcharge of $15 if ordering 5' rods will be added.

USE WITH: A.W. Perkins #7260 Mini-Medusa Whip (shown in picture) our most agressive, new #RO13 Large Missle Whip or #7266 Euro Whip for lighter debris.

USAGE TIPS: Always keep the rods moving up the flue (or back down) when using at any bend angle over 30 degrees.  Held stationary at a tight bend radius will heat up the plastic and weaken it leading to premature breakage.  Do NOT push each rod back and forth as is done with regular brush sweeping.  From your starting point (almost always from below) add a rod, spin while advancing the rod, then add another rod and advance again.  Our video below or at (copy and paste link below)


shows this technique along with a good dust control method using our ROVAC® HEPA filtered 3-Motor chimney sweep's vacuum.

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  • Model: 1230S
  • Manufactured by: A.W. Perkins Co.
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Our products come with a 12 month replacement warranty. The warranty covers all non-wearable parts and joints on our Rodtech Click range. It does NOT cover misuse of equipment or when the equipment is used with the tile breakers It does not cover parts that will wear with use, such as head inserts (Co-polymer, Chain and Wire etc) You must read the manual for guidance. In the unlikely event you will ever need to use this warranty, you will be required to return the product to Rodtech or a Rodtech Agent before a replacement part is supplied (subject to being used in accordance with our user manual).