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1107-3 Stainless Steel Tank ROVAC® 3 Motor HEPA Chimney and Dryer Vent Vacuum


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ROVAC® 3 Motor Powerhead draws 405 CFM at 70" water column suction.  Use one, two or three motors as needed for task at hand.  Able to control dust during sweeping and pickup debris during final cleanup.  Three levels of filtration, SootStop dacron pre-filter, blue fluoropolymer coated primary microbag filter and HEPA cartridge filter.  Use of SootStop dacron bag is optional,  but highly recommended whenever fly ash is encountered such as with oil or coal burning chimneys.  Microbag filter stops 99% of fine debris, HEPA filter assures that no dust will enter your customer's home.  Stainless Steel 20 gallon tank tilts to dump debris.  Comes with a SPARE  microbag filter so you can wash one and use the other.  Hoses include the 4" dust collector hose which is the primary chimney sweeping hose.  The 3" gray multiply hose is for dryer vent cleaning with our (9521) Y-Adapter.  And the 1 1/2" hose and accessories are for debris cleanup.  Accessories include a round brush, crevice tool and floor brush.  90 day warranty on complete unit,  1 year warranty on the motors and unlimited rear wheel warranty. 61 lbs w/o hoses is the empty weight. 45" tall at top of handles and 22 1/2" wide at the wheels.

Video below of power sweeping while using this Stainless Steel Rovac on a coal/wood combination stove in the UK.

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  • Model: 1107-3
  • Manufactured by: A.W. Perkins Co.
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