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2269S Slide Spinner Handle


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A great safety enhancement for the power sweeping technician for ButtonLok users. Virtually eliminate wrapping gloves up in your spinning rods! The 6" long white tube is held in place by the detent button when held near the drill or when not in use. When you want to slide your guide hand out onto the rods such as when sweeping fireplaces the tube glides freely to allow the sweep to take full advantage of the balance provided by the guide hand. Large chimney size full ButtonLok male. Adapters available. Firstly the 7403EZD turns this into an EZ Driver male end for chimney power sweeping from the bottom up. The 7401EZD is a small ButtonLok male for dryer vent power sweeping with the Slide Spinner. Item 7401 will convert it to a full button small ButtonLok. Another great innovation from A.W. Perkins Co.

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  • Model: 2269S
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